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New Airline Born in Brazil – Itaperimirim (ITA)

Rio de Janeiro

We are very happy to see how, despite adversity, our country manages to rise up. Faced with new challenges, investors trust the future of Brazil and the results are new sources of employment and movement of the economy.

The Itapemirim Group started last Friday (May 21st) to sell tickets for its air operation, called ITA Transportes Aéreos. The company’s promise is to offer tickets at an “affordable price” and with great comfort, including more space between the seats and free baggage allowance.

The company will make an inaugural flight on June 29th, between Guarulhos and Brasília, with income going to charities and, on the following day, it starts its commercial operation.

Initially, the new airline will have five Airbus A320 aircraft and will run routes between eight cities (based on the first four):

Belo Horizonte-Confins (MG), Brasilia (DF), Rio de Janeiro-Galeao (RJ), São Paulo-Guarulhos (SP), Curitiba (PR), Porto Alegre (RS), Porto Seguro (BA) and Salvador (BA).

As of August 1st, 2021, other cities will be added to the network:

Recife (PE), Maceió (AL), Fortaleza (CE), Florianópolis (SC), Vitória (ES) and Natal (RN).

By June 2022, the company plans to expand its coverage and reach 35 destinations in Brazil, totaling 50 aircraft.

The forecast is that the company will reach the end of the year with a total of 20 planes of the same model and, during the first half of 2022, receive five more per month until completing 50.

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Luxury in Trancoso – Fasano

Trancoso – Bahia

With 40 Hotel Bungalows, 23 Villas, and 19 Estancias, this amazing property occupies a preserved area of 300 hectares in the heart of Itapororoca Beach. Trancoso is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, this beach in southern Bahia is known for its amazing vibe, nice restaurants, and beaches.

Reserva Trancoso will be a complex with Hotel Fasano, Villas, and Estancias overlooking the sea. The project signed by Isay Weinfeld aimed to respect the essence of this paradisiac place and its community, focusing on the reduction of impacts and harmonious integration with nature. We can’t wait for the opening dates in 2021! 

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Selaron Stairs in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – Downtown

There is no way to talk about the staircase without mentioning the artist responsible for it and who lends his surname to the work: Jorge Selarón. 

Selarón was born in Chile, in 1947, in the small town of Limache, and died in Rio de Janeiro, on January 10th, 2013. A self-taught painter and ceramist, the Chilean realized in Santa Teresa his greatest and best-known work, known today as “Escadaria do Selarón”, listed by the city hall of this city in 2005 and located at Rua Manoel Carneiro. 

The “Escadaria do Selarón“, a place formerly known as Escadaria do Convento de Santa Teresa, has 215 steps and 125 meters in length and connects Rua Joaquim Silva, in the Lapa neighborhood, with Ladeira de Santa Teresa, in the Santa Teresa neighborhood in the city of Rio. 

The “Escadaria do Selarón” is considered the largest sculpture in the world made by a single artist since Jorge Selarón has always worked alone, relying only on the money he made from the sale of his paintings (all representing the theme of the pregnant black woman, an emotional motif of his own life, as he states) and with eventual donations from residents. The work does not stop, the tiles are placed, new tiles arrive, others are removed from there, they change places. 

Nowadays it is a very popular place for locals and tourists to take pictures as the colors are simply amazing, don’t miss it on your next visit to the Wonderful city! 

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Ballooning in São Paulo

São Paulo

In the district of Emilio Egidio in São Paulo, we invite you to live an unforgettable experience, beautiful landscapes from a special perspective: the sky. A tour with quality and safety to enjoy this magical views in harmony with nature. 

Ballooning is the activity of flying hot air balloons. Attractive aspects of ballooning include the exceptional quiet, the lack of a feeling of movement, and the bird’s-eye view. 

Contact us for more information.

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Bourbon is arriving in the Northeast

Fortaleza – Ceara

In the beautiful city of Fortaleza, from 1st of May the ancient Quality Hotel of Av Beira Mar is called Bourbon Fortaleza Hotel and with this the chain expands to the Northeast of Brazil, with the quality of service that characterizes the Bourbon Hotels. 

Fortaleza is the capital of the state of Ceará, a coastal city with beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists a year. The city also serves as a bridge to visit other cities and beautiful beaches within the state, such as Jericoacoara. 

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Portogalo Suite Hotel – Angra Dos Reis

Rio de Janeiro

In the middle of the mountains and the sea, the Portogalo Suíte hotel is located in front of the bay of Ilha Grande, just 3 hours from Rio de Janeiro. It has ample infrastructure with sauna, swimming pool, hot tub, cinema, sports court, all in a modern and pleasant environment that blends perfectly with the beauty of Angra dos Reis.  

One of the main attractions is the hotel’s exclusive cable car that connects to the paradisiacal Praia do Portogalo, providing guests with one of the most breathtaking views of Angra dos Reis.  

Angra dos Reis is a small fishing village with great tourist potential due to the natural wealth and beauty of its landscapes.

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Educational Groups to Brazil

Brazil is a huge and diverse country, which means we have many kinds of different experiences to offer. Havas Creative tours has a great background with educational groups from various fields of knowledge: Finance, agribusiness, afro-Brazilian culture, heritage tours, MBA learning exchange groups, Undergraduate Exchange Groups, Elder Learning Groups, Volunteer Groups, Geology Groups, Contemporary Art Immersion, and several others. 

A possibility of Volunteer Group, for example, is to work with researchers helping in the protection of the Jaguars in the state of Goiás:

The predominant vegetation in the state of Goiás is the Cerrado, mainly in its rural area. The fauna of the state is very rich and it is possible to find jaguars, guarás, armadillos, deer, monkeys, pacas, capybaras, and others. However, several of these species are threatened with extinction due to deforestation, fires, the use of pesticides, and predatory hunting in the region.

In this program, the goal is to take care of one of the most beautiful creatures of this fauna: the jaguars! Hunting, exploitation, mistreatment, burning, deforestation, and even illegal captivity affects these animals both physically and psychologically. To preserve and protect wild fauna and promote environmental education in Brazil, we work with No Extinction – NEX as a partner in our mission in the cerrado of Goiás. Our partner NGO rescues, shelters, and cares for jaguars until they are ready to be reintroduced to their natural habitat (when possible).

It will be four days taking care, feeding, and interacting with the most beautiful species of Brazilian jaguars! In addition to getting to know better how they live, their reactions, their histories, and their biology, this will be a unique opportunity to have a differentiated contact with the local nature. An experience of affection and care for one of the animals that are the symbol of our country, knowing that your work will help to generate scientific data improve the preservation of this species for many, many years. A sample itinerary would be:

Day 1 – Arrival at Brasília airport until 4 pm. Departure to Corumbá de Goiás (approximately 2 hours by road). Arrival at the farm, initial presentation of the place, acclimatization at the NGO, dinner, and rest.

Day 2 – Theoretical training in the morning and in the afternoon, beginning of practical activities. 

Day 3 – Practical activities: setting of the enclosure, preparation, and placement of enrichment, review of the camera trap. 

Day 4 – Practical activities: preparation and placement of Ambiental enrichment. Departure to the waterfall and return to Brasília airport at 2:00 pm. 

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Brazil has 2 of the best beaches in the world according to travelers!

Travelers from different countries have chosen two Brazilian beaches among their favorites around the world: Baía do Sancho, located in Fernando de Noronha (PE) in the third position, and Baía dos Golfinhos, at Praia da Pipa in Tibau do Sul (RN), in the tenth position of the Travelers´ Choice award from TripAdvisor travel site. Brazilian destinations were selected based on the feedback from platform users.

Winner of several international awards, Baía do Sancho enchants for its crystal clear waters and clear sands, rich coral banks, and diverse marine fauna, ideal for the practice of water sports such as diving, swimming, and surfing.

Baía dos Golfinhos is synonymous with tranquility and beauty, being considered one of the most preserved beaches in the Pipa region. At the destination, it is even possible to observe dolphins, which usually receive visitors with jumps and acrobatics.

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International Women´s Day

A praise to the Amazing Women in our team!  We at Havas Creative Tours believe in equality and we work for a equal world.  Everyone may be the change and take an action for gender equality celebrating women´s achievements and bringing to awareness any bias. Together we are stronger.

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Jalapão Eco Lodge

Jalapão – Tocantins

In the middle of the Brazilian savannah, Jalapão Eco Lodge is located within Jalapão State Park. This is still a relatively isolated region of Brazil and without many hotel facilities around, so it’s quite a chance to experience the lush beauty of Jalapão in comfort.

The lodge has one bungalow, and four huts. The bungalow is made of masonry with a straw roof. It is suitable for a couple or a family of up to five people. It has a panoramic view of the Jalapão Mountain. The huts were built with bamboo, pindaíba, taboca and piaçava straw and covered with buriti stalks. They were built using permaculture techniques and local labour.