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32 Years of Havas Creative Tours, a Word from Our President

Brazil is a huge country, full of natural beauty, more than 5,000 miles of beaches along its coastline, the largest tropical forest in the World: Amazon, rich culture, and a warm and welcoming people. The perfect ingredient to develop tourism as a means of economic and human development. As a young economist in the early 1970´s, I decided to invest in this new sector. During 15 years I worked for the São Paulo State Tourism Office and for the National Tourist Board of Brazil. In 1989, I decided to establish myself as a tourism entrepreneur and founded Havas Creative Tours, an incoming tour operator at the time, now a Destination Management Company – DMC. 32 years later I am proud to say that we have a well-established brand, known and respected throughout the World. We were 4 persons when we started, but the company grew along the years. I am very proud to say that my daughter, Rachel Havas, joined the Havas team in 1994 and is today the managing director of the company.

Havas Creative Tours has many great projects that materialized and operated. From FITs to groups, to cruise ships’ shore excursions, from brochure tours series to large congresses and MICE groups. Today we have loyal clients from Tokyo to Brussels, from Budapest to New York, from Paris to Chicago. Several started back in 1989. Special interest tours became part of our expertise, too, such as continued education projects for senior citizens of the USA, business opportunities for MBA alumni of prestigious USA Universities, architectural groups, art groups. All these in partnership with renowned travel companies of different countries: USA, France, UK, Israel, Japan, Hungary, to name a few. Mega events are also part of our portfolio: The World Youth Day with the Pope, in 2013, Fifa World Cup Brazil 2014, Rio Summer Olympics 2016.

Two special dates and events are dear to my heart:

The Celebration of the 10th anniversary of Havas Creative Tours in 1999 at the iconic Copacabana Palace Hotel, now a Belmond property, was a landmark of the local tourism industry for years.

The celebration of the 30 years of Havas Creative Tours in 2019, again gathering friends and business partners from the industry

Francisco Havas


Havas Brazil

Main Tourist Attractions Continue to Open Their Doors


The main tourist attractions in Brazil continues to open their doors after months of having closed, in an act of social responsibility.

Among the main attractions, in addition to those already open, we have the grandiose Maracanã tour, which opened its doors this month, ready and adapted to receive visitors following the worldwide approved health safety measures of social distances and sanitizing protocols.

Since last July 3rd, Rio Scenarium, the traditional SAMBA venue in LAPA, Rio de Janeiro, has reopened following all safety protocols and bringing back the delicious Feijoada lunch on Saturdays with live Brazilian Samba Music to ensure the fun!

Havas Brazil

Brazil Exceeds 138 Million Doses of Vaccine Against COVID-19 Applied


Brazil started vaccination more than 5 months ago, the country that has more than 200 million inhabitants, today occupies the 11th place in the G20 (the group of the 20 largest economies in the world). Brazil has been a world reference in vaccination journeys, thanks to a public health system with a department dedicated to taking care only of this matter.

Havas Brazil

Milky Way from Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

This amazing picture from the Iguaçu National Park, is listed as one of the best of the year by The Capture Atlas website, dedicated to landscape astrophotography. The choice was made by American photographer Dan Zafra, a specialist and expert in the segment.   

The spectacular images recorded by Astro photographer Victor Lima in Foz do Iguassu had international repercussions. The Milky Way photo shoot at the Falls is one of the 25 best photos of the year.

Havas Brazil

Inhotim In Minas Gerais – Art And Nature, The Perfect Combination!

Minas Gerais

Inhotim is a mix of park and open-air art gallery and is located in Brumadinho, a city just 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais.

The Inhotim Institute presents works of contemporary art, in harmony with the beauties of nature. Tourists can enjoy the tranquility of the park by strolling along trails, lakes, mountains, and botanical gardens carefully maintained.

There are hundreds of rare specimens of flowers and trees, which visitors can enjoy as if they were in an area of ​​wild forest. The institute offers an electric car service but recommends that visitors take their tour on foot.

Among the works on display are pieces made by artists such as Tunga, Hélio Oiticica, and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

Inhotim has spaces where lectures and theater presentations are offered, as well as parking infrastructure, locker room, café, snack bar, and a restaurant.

A must-go when visiting the Minas Gerais region!

Havas Brazil

Rio de Janeiro: Beyond Sugar Loaf & Corcovado

By Tereza Heleney

Public green areas, lagoons, forests and urban or wild beaches to choose from. How can we not say that Rio de Janeiro is blessed by such a rich diversity.

Nothing is more grateful than walking in the Tijuca Forest, listening to the birds and the sound of the wind through the trees.

For those who are food lovers, a stop to taste a jackfruit, which is a fruit that weighs up to 15 kg, rich in carbohydrates, minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper and iron. Or perhaps, the preference is for a waterfall bath? Or for the more adventurous, rappelling?

The coast of Rio is 86km long, with beaches for all tastes. Copacabana, known as “Princesinha do Mar” (Little Princess of the Sea) is one of the best known in the world and was the stage for several concerts, such as the Rolling Stones for example.

There is no questions that Copacabana hosts the most famous New Year’s Eve in the world! Ipanema, imortalized by Tom Jobim  with the song  Garota de Ipanema (Girl Of Ipanema) Leblon and its fashionable people,   São Conrado with its colorful sky with hang gliders and paragliders. Barra da Tijuca and its famous beach points.

We also have a beautiful Lagoon, an open space where tourists and locals who love being in contact with nature can use to practice outdoor sports, stroll, walk and do many other activities over more than 8 km in length. The area also offers multisport courts, in addition to baseball and tennis courts, and is home of the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo (the most famous local soccer team) and faces its famous headquarters, where a great museum will be inaugurated in 2021.

Skate Park, helicopter tour, water sports and green grassy areas for those who love outdoor physical exercise

It is an immense body of water, surrounded by mangroves, it shelters several species of birds and even the water-chicken.

Last but, not least, the lagoon became an area for celebrations, as many celebrate their birthdays there by the beautiful picnic areas. It is a proof that Rio de Janeiro is really one of the most democratic cities in the world.

And what about the sandbank area of ​​Marambaia? A sport that became a fever in the summer, the stand up paddle is a good choice for anyone visiting it. Being a region of calm waters, in the mangrove, it is ideal for beginners.

It is for this and for many other reasons that we believe that Rio is truly a blessed city, always ready to reinvent itself to embrace everyone who arrives here. Lucky for those who live here and even luckier for those who have the opportunity to visit it and immerse themselves in the vibrancy of this city.

Havas Brazil

Ballooning in Rio

Rio de Janeiro

Tourism in Rio de Janeiro continues to present new features. This month we launched a beautiful balloon ride over the Olympic Golf Field, in Barra da Tijuca. The option starts operating in July and promises to be a great hit, and a new way to enjoy our “Marvellous City”

The idea is that the new tourist spot will be an option for luxury tourism in the city. In addition to the tour, it will be possible to practice rappelling in a balloon for visitors who enjoy extreme activities.

We are happy to bring to you new products and options in Brazil. Stay tuned and follow us on social medias.

Havas Brazil

Digital Nomads Are Welcome At Selina Hotels


Focused on wellness, surf, parties, and remote work, Selina has a different proposal from regular hotels. They aim for the digital nomads and have special offers for this public.

According to the directors of Selina Hotels: “Selina provides guests with beautiful places to stay, travel, and work abroad indefinitely. Plus, we use our in-depth local knowledge to create thousands of authentic activities and experiences in over 60 destinations worldwide. From the heart of urban cities to the depth of the Amazon Jungle, we put our heart, soul, and wanderlust into providing forever-travelers, break-takers, and staycaters with a new and exciting way to explore the world.”

Each​ hotel offers different accommodation styles, that are suitable for different client profiles. That means the coexistence of different “tribes” in the same property, what can be quite an experience. The hotels in Brazil are:

Rio de Janeiro: Selina Lapa and Selina Copacabana

Paraty: Selina Paraty

Florianopolis: Selina Floripa

São Paulo: Selina Aurora

Havas Brazil

Nobile Hotel João Pessoa

Paraíba – João Pessoa

On the beautiful beach of Tambau, in Joao Pessoa, capital of the state Paraiba, Nobile Hoteis is betting on a new development, expanding to the northeast of the country.

Located in front of the beach, the hotel, which has a swimming pool, games room and gym, opened in early June.

A great comfort option to get to know the beautiful beaches of João Pessoa.

Havas Brazil

Mercure Rio Boutique Hotel Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro

In the heart of the famous “little princess of the sea”, as Copacabana beach is known by Cariocas, next July the new Mercure hotel will open its doors, with colors and decoration that emphasize the Cariocas lifestyle.

The hotel will have rooms with a view and 48 of them with a balcony. It will also have a Peruvian specialty restaurant called QCeviche!

Rio de Janeiro and our dear Copacabana are booming with renovation, new hotels, new venues, and lots of fun ready to receive our guests! For more information, please contact us.