Havas Brazil

Rota das Falésias

Exploring the Rota das Falésias is a unique experience, full of spectacular landscapes, lush beaches and a rich cultural heritage.

The route, which starts in Fortaleza – a lively city with a rich culture and beautiful beaches – can be done in a variety of ways, such as 4×4 vehicles or buggies. Next, the Historic Center and Beach Park are obligatory stops in Aquiraz, while trying rapadura – a typically northeastern sweet – is essential in Pindoretama.

Porto das Dunas beach at Aquiraz

Just 67km from the capital, Cascavel enchants everyone with Caponga Beach and Águas Belas, where the meeting of the river and the sea forms a truly paradisiacal landscape.

In Beberibe, the Labirinto do Morro Branco – a labyrinth formed by the erosion of the cliffs, as well as Praia das Fontes, the caves and natural pools, are witnesses to the beauty of this place.

“Morro Branco” Beach, Beberibe
“Morro Branco” Beach, Beberibe

The famous Canoa Quebrada beach in Aracati, known for its colorful cliffs and exciting leisure options, is the highlight of the route. In Icapuí, its beautiful, quiet beaches are great for relaxing.

Canoa Quebrada
Symbol of Canoa Quebrada

In Tibau, beaches surrounded by colorful cliffs enchant tourists, while in Grossos visitors have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites, rivers, salt pans, dunes, beautiful beaches and the work of the famous lace makers.

Following the itinerary, Areia Branca, known as the Land of Salt, offers paradisiacal beaches, while Mossoró, where the journey ends, is renowned for its thermal waters.

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