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Brazil Exceeds 138 Million Doses of Vaccine Against COVID-19 Applied


Brazil started vaccination more than 5 months ago, the country that has more than 200 million inhabitants, today occupies the 11th place in the G20 (the group of the 20 largest economies in the world). Brazil has been a world reference in vaccination journeys, thanks to a public health system with a department dedicated to taking care only of this matter.

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Vaccine Reaches Almost 17 Million Brazilians

Rio de Janeiro – Francisco Havas (CEO)

Mr Havas Keeping Strong and ready to Rock. Until March, 31st, almost 17 million Brazilians have taken the Vaccine against Covid 19.

“I am very happy that vaccination is progressing in Brazil and that I was able to get my 1st shot earlier this week. Mass vaccination is the way to curb this pandemic. I am optimistic that soon most adult Brazilians will be vaccinated, since Brazil has one of the best immunization programs in the World, and life will be back to normal, even if a – new – normal!

We look forward to welcoming international visitors in our beautiful country again soon.”