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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with joy and diversity. Several street blocks liven up the city center, passing by its historic buildings such as Palácio Tiradentes, the Metropolitan Cathedral, Cinelândia and the Municipal Theater.

Thousands of costumed revelers, coming from all over the world, have fun following the groups, the most popular being Orquestra Voadora, Cordão da Bola Preta, Bloco da Preta and Monobloco.

Orquestra Voadora enchants with its eclectic mix of musicians, including wind, percussion and other instruments, creating a vibrant and immersive sound; the Cordão da Bola Preta represents an important part of carnival culture, preserving the famous carnival marches; Bloco da Preta, led by singer Preta Gil, is known for its energetic performances, while Monobloco is contagious with its fusion of rhythms such as funk and samba.

Another neighborhood that attracts attention during the festive period is Santa Teresa, where several lively groups parade, the most popular being Bloco Carmelitas and Céu na Terra.

The Bloco Carmelitas is known for its irreverence, revelry and an urban legend that involves Carmelite nuns running away from a convent during Carnival to join the party; Céu na Terra is recognized for its mix of rhythms, with Afro-Brazilian cultural influences.

Whether in the center of Rio de Janeiro among historic buildings or going up and down the slopes of Santa Teresa, carnival in the wonderful city provides a contagious energy.Contact us to arrange a trip that will forever be remembered by your customers.