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One of the Most Fascinating Destinations on the Planet

One of the most fascinating and ecologically important destinations on the planet, the Amazon is an unforgettable journey.

Hiking through the dense vegetation, canoeing along the streams, piranha fishing, bird watching, nights under completely starry skies, visits to indigenous villages, swimming with pink dolphins, expeditions to the “meeting of the waters” and the chance to meet wild animals in their natural habitat are all unique experiences in the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

And to truly experience the magic of the region, lodging in regional jungle lodges provides an immersive and sustainable experience. 

Strategically located, often on the banks of rivers, they give direct access to the stunning biodiversity and soundtracks of the jungle, as well as contributing to the ecosystem and well-being of local communities.

Another exciting way to discover the beauty and diversity of the Amazon are cruises. 

Aboard comfortable vessels, travelers can observe an impressive variety of wildlife while enjoying breathtaking scenery. In addition to navigating the winding rivers, cruises also offer land and water excursions with specialized guides.

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