Havas Brazil

Jaguar Expedition 2021

Already has a Date – Uakari Lodge, Amazon

At Uakari Lodge, 2021 will be the 7th year in which The Onça Pintada Expedition will operate – a unique program in the Brazilian Amazon that combines the observation of jaguars with science and conservation of the species.Over the years, this experience turned into an increasingly ‘scientific’ expedition, in which some of the most important feline researchers in Brazil guide our visitors through Mamirauá. The focus will always be on conservation and science, and so observing the jaguar is just a short moment in a transformative experience.There will be only 3 exits for this program. As the concern is the conservation of jaguars, this innovative tourism program can bring impacts that are unknown in the behavior of jaguars. For this reason, researchers at the Mamirauá Institute have defined that 3 outings / 12 tourists seem to be a safe number for not bringing changes in behavior for this animal.

The dates are as follows:

June 14th to 18th

June 21st to 25th, and

June 28th to July 2nd

As an addition, visitors can fly over the Mamirauá Reserve with the jaguar researchers at the Mamirauá Institute. In this overflight we will use radio antennas to locate jaguars and collars around the Uakari Lodge.To live this unique and exclusive experience, contact our team to book and guarantee your visit.