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Main Tourist Attractions Continue to Open Their Doors


The main tourist attractions in Brazil continues to open their doors after months of having closed, in an act of social responsibility.

Among the main attractions, in addition to those already open, we have the grandiose Maracanã tour, which opened its doors this month, ready and adapted to receive visitors following the worldwide approved health safety measures of social distances and sanitizing protocols.

Since last July 3rd, Rio Scenarium, the traditional SAMBA venue in LAPA, Rio de Janeiro, has reopened following all safety protocols and bringing back the delicious Feijoada lunch on Saturdays with live Brazilian Samba Music to ensure the fun!

Havas Brazil

More Memorable Experiences at Sugar Loaf

Rio de Janeiro

To make your visit to Rio de Janeiro and especially to this attraction, unforgettable, now you can take a souvenir tattooed on your skin. Yes, literally, until April 30th, visitors can get a tattoo related to the attraction or to the Wonderful City, as Rio is known.

On the top of the sugar loaf, with this beautiful view, the cable cars from that the 90s, now in expositions, are the studios for this new option.  Another way to make the visit last forever is with a fantastic video and great photos from a drone, to appreciate the beauty of this landscape in all its splendor.

Remembering that from the Morro de Urca, visitors can take a panoramic helicopter flight to appreciate for themselves the natural beauties of the wonderful city.

Rio will be waiting for its visitors, with security protocols in all attractions, innovating to always offer the best experience.