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Educational Groups to Brazil

Brazil is a huge and diverse country, which means we have many kinds of different experiences to offer. Havas Creative tours has a great background with educational groups from various fields of knowledge: Finance, agribusiness, afro-Brazilian culture, heritage tours, MBA learning exchange groups, Undergraduate Exchange Groups, Elder Learning Groups, Volunteer Groups, Geology Groups, Contemporary Art Immersion, and several others. 

A possibility of Volunteer Group, for example, is to work with researchers helping in the protection of the Jaguars in the state of Goiás:

The predominant vegetation in the state of Goiás is the Cerrado, mainly in its rural area. The fauna of the state is very rich and it is possible to find jaguars, guarás, armadillos, deer, monkeys, pacas, capybaras, and others. However, several of these species are threatened with extinction due to deforestation, fires, the use of pesticides, and predatory hunting in the region.

In this program, the goal is to take care of one of the most beautiful creatures of this fauna: the jaguars! Hunting, exploitation, mistreatment, burning, deforestation, and even illegal captivity affects these animals both physically and psychologically. To preserve and protect wild fauna and promote environmental education in Brazil, we work with No Extinction – NEX as a partner in our mission in the cerrado of Goiás. Our partner NGO rescues, shelters, and cares for jaguars until they are ready to be reintroduced to their natural habitat (when possible).

It will be four days taking care, feeding, and interacting with the most beautiful species of Brazilian jaguars! In addition to getting to know better how they live, their reactions, their histories, and their biology, this will be a unique opportunity to have a differentiated contact with the local nature. An experience of affection and care for one of the animals that are the symbol of our country, knowing that your work will help to generate scientific data improve the preservation of this species for many, many years. A sample itinerary would be:

Day 1 – Arrival at Brasília airport until 4 pm. Departure to Corumbá de Goiás (approximately 2 hours by road). Arrival at the farm, initial presentation of the place, acclimatization at the NGO, dinner, and rest.

Day 2 – Theoretical training in the morning and in the afternoon, beginning of practical activities. 

Day 3 – Practical activities: setting of the enclosure, preparation, and placement of enrichment, review of the camera trap. 

Day 4 – Practical activities: preparation and placement of Ambiental enrichment. Departure to the waterfall and return to Brasília airport at 2:00 pm.