Havas Brazil

Brazil has 2 of the best beaches in the world according to travelers!

Travelers from different countries have chosen two Brazilian beaches among their favorites around the world: Baía do Sancho, located in Fernando de Noronha (PE) in the third position, and Baía dos Golfinhos, at Praia da Pipa in Tibau do Sul (RN), in the tenth position of the Travelers´ Choice award from TripAdvisor travel site. Brazilian destinations were selected based on the feedback from platform users.

Winner of several international awards, Baía do Sancho enchants for its crystal clear waters and clear sands, rich coral banks, and diverse marine fauna, ideal for the practice of water sports such as diving, swimming, and surfing.

Baía dos Golfinhos is synonymous with tranquility and beauty, being considered one of the most preserved beaches in the Pipa region. At the destination, it is even possible to observe dolphins, which usually receive visitors with jumps and acrobatics.




Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a volcanic archipelago located about 350 kilometers off the northeast coast of Brazil. It is the dream of every Brazilian to visit these paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at least once in a lifetime. It is named after its largest island, a marine park and protected ecological sanctuary with a jagged coastline and several ecosystems. It is renowned for its sparsely urbanized beaches and activities such as diving and snorkeling. Sea turtles, rays, dolphins and reef sharks swim in the warm and  clear waters. The tour will begin  in a private flight from Recife to Fernando de Noronha.

Noronha is in a different time zone, so it is one hour later than Recife. Depart from the airport to the Port  where the guests will board at a private boat. A delicious lunch and some drinks will be served in the boat. The guests will enjoy the visit of the famous beach Baía de Sancho voted most beautiful beach in the world. After this tour, the guests will return to the airport to take the fight back.