Art and Nature – Burle Marx site renovated

Rio de Janeiro

The Roberto Burle Marx Site, a special unit of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan), underwent a requalification, expanding public access to the life and work of landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx. The project, completed in December, aimed to enhance visiting places, improve work facilities, improve accessibility conditions, research and education actions. With 407 thousand square meters and a collection of more than 3.500 species of tropical and subtropical plants, the space, located in Barra de Guaratiba, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, has works by renowned artists and the landscaper himself, such as paintings, prints, furniture, ceramics, tapestries, murals, tile panels, all items from your private collection. Accessibility features include tactile maps and models and 3D replicas of works for handling. The new tour of the site covers the interior of the residence, giving access to environments such as the dining room, the visiting room, the music room, where the grand piano of the artist’s mother, the ceramics room, is located. It keeps a good part of the popular art collection, the Burle Marx room, the guest room and the kitchen. Now it is also possible to take a close look at pictures and family photos, as well as the landscaper’s collections, which include Cusco, pre-Columbian, sacred and popular Brazilian art. There is also a multimedia guide in the application format, with scripts in Portuguese, English and Spanish, in audio description and in Brazilian Sign Languages (Libras).


RuaWalls2020 Exhibition in Rio

Tereza Heleney, our MICE Expert was there to review the opening weekend. 

“What a colorful revitalization. Now the wonderful city has another incredible “must see” attraction!” Tereza Heleney.

The Rua Walls exhibition began, an open and accessible public art project that transformed a long area in Rio de Janeiro. The murals are just 1.5 km from the Rio’s Port.  Each one of the reputed street artists in the project painted a colorful mural in 30 nights, with the help of 14 elevating platforms distributed along the way. What a manifestation of art, these colors express so well the soul of rio.

This great open air exhibition has the support of the Urban Development Company of the Porto Region of Rio de Janeiro (Cdurp).