Havas Brazil


( One of the wildest adventure destinations of the country offers beautiful sceneries with waterfalls, sand dunes, canyons, and enormous rocks.)

Jalapao State Park is close to Mateiros, about 300 km from Palmas, capital of Tocantins. Well-sought out for adventure tourism and ecotourism, the park holds unforgettable experiences. The natural landscapes of Cerrado, the Brazilian savannah, features rivers, rock formations and numerous species of fauna, such as jaguars, maned wolves and macaws. For the adventurers, the park is ideal for canoeing, diving and rappelling.

The Formiga Waterfall is a charming green-water spring. The water is extremely clear and even at its deepest spots, you can see the white chalky sand. The waterfall is in a private area and you must pay for the visit. To get there, drive from Mateiros through highway BR-225 towards Sao Felix. It’s 36 km of dirt road. You will also be enchanted by impressive canyons, such as Suçuapara, clear-water waterfalls, such as Formiga and Velha, and fervedouros, natural hot springs with bubbles that prevent you from sinking.