Havas Brazil



Dreamland is an entertainment complex that houses different attractions in Iguassu Falls. The best-known place in the space is the Dreamland Wax Museum which has sculptures of famous characters from around the world. Dreamland allows visitors to meet their idols. In the same building is the Wax Museum, there are also 3 other attractions, Maravilhas do Mundo, Parque dos Dinossauros and Dreams Ice Bar. The Wonder of the World is a museum in a closed area, which replicates in small size several symbols and tourist attractions of the world, among them we have the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Dinosaur Park on the other hand is an open-air attraction that has several full-size dinosaur replicas. The Dream Ice Bar is part of the same complex, it is a bar built entirely of ice. The visit to the place lasts 30 minutes and there are options for a drink, including alcoholic beverages. Before entering the place, visitors are given a cold suit, but as the temperatures are really freezing inside, we recommend that you go with a well-sheltered suit. Everything inside the space is made of ice, from the places to sit to the bar and sculptures!