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Going to the beach in Rio – A special experience!

The beach in Rio is the number 1 leisure option for locals, there is nothing more “carioca” than spending a Saturday or Sunday at the beach. We have 24 kilometers of beach in Rio, starting in the neighborhood of Leme ending at Recreio dos Bandeirantes with Pontal beach. There are a total of 186 kiosks in operation, at the beach you can find all kinds of food and different options for families, friends, and couples. Kiosks (known as ‘quiosques’ in Portuguese) are outdoor bars located between the promenade and the beach, that serve food and drinks to the sounds of live music all day and into the night.

Besides the kiosks, there are also vendor tents on the sand, selling food and drinks while you relax sunbathing. All these elements combined make a day at the beach in Rio quite a special experience, an opportunity to learn more about the local habits and culture.