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27th World Congress of Architects (UIA)

The UIA2021RIO has registered participants from more than 60 countries, with more than 50 speakers from 17 countries. The expectation of the event would be to become one of the largest corporate events in the city of Rio de Janeiro.One of the main topics planned for discussion at UIA2020RIO, Urban Health – under the coordination of the Public Health Group (PHG) of the UIA, should gain a new focus, in order to include discussions on Architecture and Urbanism in the face of needs arising from worldwide epidemics.The Congress will be held in the centennial year of the Institute of Architects of Brazil. President of the IAB, Nivaldo Andrade says that “the Institute – like Brazil – expects to receive professionals from all over the world on such an important occasion for the entity”.Contact us for more details and special reservations for this great event.

Havas Brazil

Virtual Tours

2020 has been full of challenges for all of us, we have had to adapt in every way.  Change has been a must during these times and has strengthened us and helped us grow. 

Faced with this scenario, Havas Creative Tours has designed a series of virtual tours so our clients have the option of traveling and getting to know our beautiful Brazil through the screen, from the safety of their homes and without risks. 

We know that our beautiful country deserves to be seen up close, but while we wait for this possibility, we want to bring it to your clients.   Here is a sample of what we have prepared: 

  • Rio de Janeiro named the First World Capital of Architecture: With a rich architectural, historical and cultural past, the diversity is seen in different regions of the city. The wonderful city has a privileged location on the east coast of the state and enchants visitors with its unique architecture.  27th World Congress of Architects (UIA) will be held in Rio de Janeiro in July 2021, and this might be a great way to start to market this amazing experience!
  • Little Africa Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro: learn about the African influence in Rio de Janeiro, the impacts of the African Diaspora and how we combat racism and prejudice to this day. 
  • Urban Art in Rio: learn a little more about URBAN ART, especially about the new open air Museum on Boulevard Olímpico, in the port area of ​​Rio, where we find the largest mural in South America, by Kobra, representing the 5 main ethnicities around the world.  Graffiti took over Rio de Janeiro and became a new attraction of the Marvelous City.
  • Carnival Experience Behind the Scenes: We will reveal the history of our carnival and present some of its most relevant characters. Learn the importance of carnival for the socio-cultural affirmation of Afro-Brazilian communities. And how this project is CSR activity helping the kids from the local community. 

Join us for these enriching tours. We are ready to assist you and make your virtual trip an experience full of knowledge.