Havas Brazil

Amazon Tupana Lodge


Located in a region with amazing fauna and flora, on the banks of a river that bears its name, the Amazon Tupana Lodge is a small inn in the forest. Owned by a native, it brings to visitors the knowledge of the local people and their unique culture.

The lodge main goal is for every tourist to fall in love with the paradise called the Amazon. In operation since 2008, the lodge offers a reception, a restaurant, a lounge with hammocks with panoramic views, a leisure room and 16 accommodations.  All built with rustic caboclo architecture (traditional constructions in this area), planned by riverside dwellers in order to preserve nature and keep the purpose of offering basic comfort during the adventure of visitors in the Amazon Forest.

They offer a great cost-benefit ratio for lodges of the same category, quality of service and the most complete program in the Amazon, with guides prepared for a greater degree of immersion in the jungle.