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Bird Watching at Tijuca Forest

Looking for birds while trekking in Tijuca Forest

One of the largest urban forests in the world, this preserved area of the Atlantic Forest is much sought after by locals and overseas visitors looking for physical activities, tours and walks.

Formed by mountains, caves, waterfalls and trails that unveil  beautiful landscapes, the forest is an example of how nature can live in harmony with the city. In addition to a beautiful walk and incredible views, how about enjoying all the diversity offered by this beautiful forest, like several species of birds found in the Atlantic Forest? You will become a bird lover in a few hours and much more, will understand better that Rio de Janeiro is an unique city which offers much more beyond its beaches, delicious music and breathtaking views landscapes.

Tijuca Forest is only 30 minutes from most hotels and also offers great birding with several Atlantic Forest endemics like Black-cheeked Gnateaters, Scaled Antbirds, Plain Parakeets, Pin-tailed Manakins, Red-necked Tanagers among others.

This tour starts at 6:30 and finishes around 1 pm.