Carnaval 2021


Brazil is famous for its carnival, where thousands of people gather every year to celebrate life in a party full of colors, smiles, music and happiness. It is one of the biggest parties on the planet, an experience that brings people together from all over the world to celebrate joy.

The next Carnival is even more special because we will reborn and meet again! We will wait a little longer for this celebration next year, so everyone may celebrate safely and healthy. The Official Carnival League of Rio de Janeiro (LIESA) has announced that the Official Carnival Parade 2021 will be postponed.  The new official date is yet to be determined.  When we get together again it will be the best carnival of our lives!!

Meanwhile we remind you that Havas Creative Tours offers the Experience of Carnival all year round for our guests.  The amazing visit to the headquarters of a real Samba School, taking the passengers inside the heart of Carnival, learning how it is done, in direct contact with the beautiful costumes, the enormous floats, the musicians and dancers that make this unique event happen each year. 

All the experiences are adapted in every detail, so you may safely enjoy the magic of carnival all year. We also now have Online Carnival Experiences! One more reason to not stay out of this unique celebration! Get in touch to know more.