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Towards 2021

Message From Our President

Dear Friends,

2020 was a very peculiar and challenging year.  All our lives were touched by great changes. We had to reinvent ourselves and our businesses in order to face the new realities that came with it.  We learned to adapt to the new normal, improving our technological skills, becoming more virtual, developing new concepts of virtual/hybrid meetings, site inspections and famtours. Technology also allowed vaccines to be developed in unprecedented speed. All this brings us hope of a much brighter future in 2021 and ahead. Slowly but surely business starts to pick up and we are already receiving new requests for 2021, 2022 and 2023. With this optimistic view, Havas Creative Tours team wishes you Season´s greetings and a bright, healthy and prosperous 2021!

We thank you for keeping strong and for your business to come.  Let´s build the travel world together again!

See you in person soon again!

Francisco Havas                                             Rachel Havas
President                                                            Director

Havas Brazil

Jeep Tour Valley of Love

Rio de Janeiro

A Jeep ride up to the mountains of Petropolis, arrive at the hidden”Valley of Love”.  Here the gardens are inspired in several spiritual lines such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Candomblé, among other religions. A beautiful landscape of plants, sculptures, and the surrounding flora and fauna of the mountainous region.The experience involves time to relax, unwind, breathe those deep breaths and cleanse the soul of the business of day to day lives. Reinvigorate with a dive at a deep blue water waterfall nearby. Everyone is invited, everyone is included.

Havas Brazil

Bird Watching at Tijuca Forest

Looking for birds while trekking in Tijuca Forest

One of the largest urban forests in the world, this preserved area of the Atlantic Forest is much sought after by locals and overseas visitors looking for physical activities, tours and walks.

Formed by mountains, caves, waterfalls and trails that unveil  beautiful landscapes, the forest is an example of how nature can live in harmony with the city. In addition to a beautiful walk and incredible views, how about enjoying all the diversity offered by this beautiful forest, like several species of birds found in the Atlantic Forest? You will become a bird lover in a few hours and much more, will understand better that Rio de Janeiro is an unique city which offers much more beyond its beaches, delicious music and breathtaking views landscapes.

Tijuca Forest is only 30 minutes from most hotels and also offers great birding with several Atlantic Forest endemics like Black-cheeked Gnateaters, Scaled Antbirds, Plain Parakeets, Pin-tailed Manakins, Red-necked Tanagers among others.

This tour starts at 6:30 and finishes around 1 pm.

Havas Brazil

Amazing Nature Escape in the Amazon

Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge

A charming lodge located on the bank of the Negro River, 184 kilometers from Manaus, by road. The hotel is located close to the ecological reserve of the Anavilhanas Archipelago. The structure has an original design, which harmonizes art with the preserved nature around it. Access to the hotel can be done by the Manaus-Manacapuru and Manacapuru-Novo Airão roads or by the Negro river.

The lodge offers three categories of accommodation: the Family, with a different proposal that imitates a tree house, with a queen-size bed and private gazebo for family groups; Luxury, super space with large balcony, hot tub, greater variety of amenities, for up to four people; and Comfort, ample space with a king size bed and balcony. All rooms have a minibar, air conditioning, coffee table with armchairs or puf, safe and work desk.

Facing the Negro River, the hotel’s restaurant (Camu Camu Restaurant) has a menu prepared by São Paulo chef Débora Shornik, the food is a mix of regional flavors with contemporary western cuisine.

The Mirante do Gavião Lodge offers in their leisure areas swimming pool, pier, lounge and restaurant,and some lookouts on the property where you can relax and enjoy the various types of visual: Rio Negro, Anavilhanas archipelago, our Birds or even the friendly sloths and iguanas of our little forest. It´s a perfect place to relax and feel the peace of nature.

Havas Brazil


BY Karine Annechino
(Operations Department)

Article by Karine Annechino from our Operation Department.

The visitor has the opportunity to experience the backstage of the work of recovery and conservation carried out by Parque das Aves during a 1.5-hour tour and also grants a pass for an additional entrance to visit the park on another occasion. The experience includes access to some restricted areas and provides the privileged opportunity to get in touch with some birds, besides feeding toucans and flamingos, among others. This visit was even more pleasant because I have always visited this place and had never gone beyond the containment fences, this time I went inside the nurseries to follow the handling of the birds, I learned how the feeding of each species works and understood how some of the various maintenance routines of the park are performed.

My first visit was at the breeding room, where I met a baby bird and the backstage vet taught us the important role that the Baby Bird Room plays in breeding for conservation. Then I visited the Conditioning Center, where they carry out various activities aimed at the reintegration of animals from captivity. A rewarding learning moment and being able to feed parrots and birds of our fauna made everything more special! When I thought the tour was over, I had a privileged opportunity to interact freely with two canindé macaws!

Thinking about the birds’ welfare, interaction with macaws is only possible at the end of the Backstage Experience, since the schedules are more restricted and there are few visitors per day. An incredible experience! To recharge our batteries and finish this great experience, a delightful snack with juices, sandwiches, and fruits! The tours take place from Tuesday to Sunday in 4 different schedules. Please get in contact with us to get to know more!

Havas Brazil

HAVAS CINE “Axé – o canto de um povo de um lugar”

Documentary on Netflix

Originally from Bahia and considered today one of the most globalized musical movements in the world, Axé is a musical rhythm that carries in its essence a good part of all the musical and cultural syncretism of Bahia.

The documentary brings together interviews and archive images outlining the birth of Axé.

Havas Brazil



Dreamland is an entertainment complex that houses different attractions in Iguassu Falls. The best-known place in the space is the Dreamland Wax Museum which has sculptures of famous characters from around the world. Dreamland allows visitors to meet their idols. In the same building is the Wax Museum, there are also 3 other attractions, Maravilhas do Mundo, Parque dos Dinossauros and Dreams Ice Bar. The Wonder of the World is a museum in a closed area, which replicates in small size several symbols and tourist attractions of the world, among them we have the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Christ the Redeemer statue.

Dinosaur Park on the other hand is an open-air attraction that has several full-size dinosaur replicas. The Dream Ice Bar is part of the same complex, it is a bar built entirely of ice. The visit to the place lasts 30 minutes and there are options for a drink, including alcoholic beverages. Before entering the place, visitors are given a cold suit, but as the temperatures are really freezing inside, we recommend that you go with a well-sheltered suit. Everything inside the space is made of ice, from the places to sit to the bar and sculptures!

Havas Brazil


( One of the wildest adventure destinations of the country offers beautiful sceneries with waterfalls, sand dunes, canyons, and enormous rocks.)

Jalapao State Park is close to Mateiros, about 300 km from Palmas, capital of Tocantins. Well-sought out for adventure tourism and ecotourism, the park holds unforgettable experiences. The natural landscapes of Cerrado, the Brazilian savannah, features rivers, rock formations and numerous species of fauna, such as jaguars, maned wolves and macaws. For the adventurers, the park is ideal for canoeing, diving and rappelling.

The Formiga Waterfall is a charming green-water spring. The water is extremely clear and even at its deepest spots, you can see the white chalky sand. The waterfall is in a private area and you must pay for the visit. To get there, drive from Mateiros through highway BR-225 towards Sao Felix. It’s 36 km of dirt road. You will also be enchanted by impressive canyons, such as Suçuapara, clear-water waterfalls, such as Formiga and Velha, and fervedouros, natural hot springs with bubbles that prevent you from sinking.

Havas Brazil

Atins – An unknown paradise


Atins, is a rustic and charming place, located in Maranhão (Northeast of Brazil). Here, you can kiteboard and tour on 4WD vehicles that take the visitors to the lagoons. Treat yourself to this true Brazilian paradise. Diving in the lagoons, walking on the sand, and watching the sunset are experiences you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Havas Brazil

Assador Rio`s – Brazilian Barbecue with a view.

Assador Rio is located in Aterro do Flamengo, one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Rio de Janeiro. Aterro is a mix of beach and green, a very unique place where people go to do activities like jogging, to enjoy nature or refresh them selfs with a good swim.

Assador is located in the best position possible, taking advantage of a very famous view, Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf Cable Car). In Assador Rio`s you will taste the best Brazilian barbecue, made by experts while you drink a delicious caipirinha watching the Bondinho go up and down the sugar loaf. Not bad right?