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A new way to visit the Botanical Garden

Rio de Janeiro

Even those who have already strolled through the wooded areas full of stories from the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro will be able to have a new experience in visitation. There are new two models of guided tours: on foot or in electric carts, on weekends and holidays. The guided tour services bring the public closer to the history and the research work done at the Botanical Gardens. Knowledge needs to be shared and experienced to promote belonging and engagement – says Ana Lúcia Santoro, president of the institution. Cart visits will be divided into circular and premium. In the first case, the visitor will have the opportunity to enjoy the service throughout the day. The second model will serve up to six people in the same group for an hour. In the pandemic, the circular line will take only five people. Starting on January 19th, the circular model route will have mandatory disembarkation at seven stops: headquarters of the old Engenho, Bromeliário, Playground, Chafariz das Musas, Pacheco Leão 101, Lago do Pescador and Jardim Japones.

In the initial service, the bracelets will be limited to 70 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. Cars will have 15 minute intervals between points. According to the Botanical Garden, all vehicles of the circular model will be cleaned by the driver himself at each end of the circuit.If the visitor wants to choose to use the same cart from the beginning to the end of the visitation, the Premium model promises to meet expectations, with the route through the main highlights of the Garden: Pau-Brasil, Frei Leandro Lake, Casa dos Pilões, Bromeliário and Orquidário and Restinga Canteiro, among others.

Havas Brazil

Blue Water Park in Iguassu Falls

Foz do Iguassu – Paraná State

Iguassu Falls now has the largest water park in southern Brazil.The Blue Park is located over the Guarani Aquifer, the second largest reserve of fresh water in the world, which guarantees its perennial supply of crystalline thermal waters, with a temperature of 30 °. The Park has the third largest thermal beach with waves in the world and promises a lot of fun for everyone. There are 9 types of waves that reach 1.20m in height, with natural sand and a paradisaical setting where the color of the water resembles the Caribbean sea. The second stage arrived bringing the radical attractions, ensuring even more fun and a lot of adrenaline for adventure fans, soon in the third stage they will inaugurate Fantasy Island, an area dedicated to the little ones!On a visit to Iguassu Falls, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this fun park, contact us for more information and include it in the next itinerary.

Havas Brazil

Volunteer Vacations

Making a better World

An amazing opportunity to get to know different cultures, do good, have contact with some of the great questions of humanity and make a difference for a better world. Everything according to each one´s preferences, skills and in total security. One day a refreshing dip in a paradisaical blue sea beach, and the next collaborating with an agricultural or social project. Havas Creative Tours will present your guests a Volunteer Vacation.

In association with some of the most relevant NGOs in the world in order to provide people of the most varied profiles with a short-term experience in a humanitarian aid organization we take care of all the planning and bureaucracy, organizing together with you an experience capable of combining fun and the personal fulfillment of collaborating with an important cause for our planet. The duration of the trips proposed is no more than a month, a short-term volunteering. A short period that provides great help! And nothing prevents this volunteer experience from being carried out in conjunction with a traditional vacation trip or an incentive program, with a focus on getting to know another culture or incredible landscapes. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. Samba, football, Carnival, parties, charming beaches, exuberant nature… All this is still little to translate this complex tropical paradise that we call home!
There are several projects that are open throughout the year to help communities in need in different regions of our country.

1- Rio de Janeiro, the volunteers may work in the community of Jardim Gramacho, helping to develop creative programs for children’s free time.
2- Rio de Janeiro, the volunteers may work in the Santa Marta community, helping and participating in the day-to-day activities of the daycare children.
3- Recife, we are present in the community of Ilha de Deus, where the volunteers have the opportunity to work in any of the existing programs at the NGO: education, female empowerment, dance class, sports and administrative management.
4- Sertões de Pernambuco, Piauí and Paraíba, we operate according to special Missions calendar.
5- Goiás, we work in partnership with an NGO that rescues and protects Brazilian jaguars, contributing to the preservation of the species in the country and in the world.
6- São Paulo, we operate in the Brooklin region, with children and young people who live in a situation of social vulnerability, where the performance is based on educational and recreational activities.
7- Fortaleza, Ceará, the volunteers dedicate their time, energy and efforts to a project focused on early childhood, but active at all levels of the local community.
8- Arraial d’Ajuda, in Bahia, the work is with children and young people from 0 to 16 years old, more than 140 in total.

With several different options, if the intention is to enjoy an amazing trip adding a contribution to the local community, each participant will come back with real unforgettable memories and a richer spirit!

Havas Brazil

Magical Underwater World

Wonderful phenomenon that happens in Mato Grosso do Sul. The water of the river Olho D’Água rises much above the normal flooding the trail where tourists pass, causing the park to be submerged by crystalline waters in Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata. It happens every 7 years approximately.Brazil is a country with a great biodiversity due to its great extension, the state of Mato Grosso do Sul offers a beautiful sample of the biome called Pantanal with incredible ecological experiences such as this trail flooded by crystalline waters.

Havas Brazil

New Protocols to Visit Brazil – December 2020

In order to provide an even safer experience to our visitors, the Government of Brazil has issued a new protocol for international arrivals by air in our beautiful country. Follows the updates of safety measures to visit Brazil:
– From December 30th 2020 foreign visitors or Brazilians who wish to enter Brazil by air, must present a PCR Test, carried out a maximum of 72 hours in advance with negative or non-reactive COVID-19 result, in order to board the aircraft.
– All passengers must sign a health declaration, printed or digital, accepting the preventive measures that should be considered while in the country: it is mandatory by law to wear a mask while circulating in public areas; avoid large gatherings; observe and follow social distancing guidelines; observe and follow sanitizing guidelines of each establishment.These measures are aligned with the responsibility of the Brazilian Government to offer efficiency in the prevention and reduction of risks derived from COVID-19.
At Havas Creative Tours, we reiterate the efforts we make to guarantee the safety of our passengers, complying with the prevention regulations in all the services we offer, as well as being spokespersons for the new measures to keep our customers informed.

Havas Brazil

27th World Congress of Architects (UIA)

The UIA2021RIO has registered participants from more than 60 countries, with more than 50 speakers from 17 countries. The expectation of the event would be to become one of the largest corporate events in the city of Rio de Janeiro.One of the main topics planned for discussion at UIA2020RIO, Urban Health – under the coordination of the Public Health Group (PHG) of the UIA, should gain a new focus, in order to include discussions on Architecture and Urbanism in the face of needs arising from worldwide epidemics.The Congress will be held in the centennial year of the Institute of Architects of Brazil. President of the IAB, Nivaldo Andrade says that “the Institute – like Brazil – expects to receive professionals from all over the world on such an important occasion for the entity”.Contact us for more details and special reservations for this great event.

Havas Brazil

Virtual Tours

2020 has been full of challenges for all of us, we have had to adapt in every way.  Change has been a must during these times and has strengthened us and helped us grow. 

Faced with this scenario, Havas Creative Tours has designed a series of virtual tours so our clients have the option of traveling and getting to know our beautiful Brazil through the screen, from the safety of their homes and without risks. 

We know that our beautiful country deserves to be seen up close, but while we wait for this possibility, we want to bring it to your clients.   Here is a sample of what we have prepared: 

  • Rio de Janeiro named the First World Capital of Architecture: With a rich architectural, historical and cultural past, the diversity is seen in different regions of the city. The wonderful city has a privileged location on the east coast of the state and enchants visitors with its unique architecture.  27th World Congress of Architects (UIA) will be held in Rio de Janeiro in July 2021, and this might be a great way to start to market this amazing experience!
  • Little Africa Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro: learn about the African influence in Rio de Janeiro, the impacts of the African Diaspora and how we combat racism and prejudice to this day. 
  • Urban Art in Rio: learn a little more about URBAN ART, especially about the new open air Museum on Boulevard Olímpico, in the port area of ​​Rio, where we find the largest mural in South America, by Kobra, representing the 5 main ethnicities around the world.  Graffiti took over Rio de Janeiro and became a new attraction of the Marvelous City.
  • Carnival Experience Behind the Scenes: We will reveal the history of our carnival and present some of its most relevant characters. Learn the importance of carnival for the socio-cultural affirmation of Afro-Brazilian communities. And how this project is CSR activity helping the kids from the local community. 

Join us for these enriching tours. We are ready to assist you and make your virtual trip an experience full of knowledge.

Havas Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Leading Sports Tourism Destination at World Travel Awards 2020

Last November, the World Travel Awards 2020 were held.  For the sixth consecutive year, the wonderful city has won the South America’s Leading Sports Tourism Destination 2020 award.
The results follow a year-long search for the world’s top travel, tourism and hospitality brands. Votes were cast by travel industry professionals and the public, with the nominee gaining the most votes in a category named as the winner.
Graham Cooke, Founder, World Travel Awards, says: “Our winners represent the very best of Latin America’s travel and tourism sector and my congratulations to each of them. They have all demonstrated remarkable resilience in a year of unprecedented challenges.”
Receiving this award is an incentive to stay at the top of the list, to continue offering quality of service in our wonderful city. The leading city in South America awaits you with open arms. Congratulations Rio de Janeiro!

Havas Brazil

Iguassu Secret Falls

Unravel the mysteries of secret waterfalls! We want to generate an unforgettable experience by providing you with an immersion in nature by venturing into what is most exuberant in our forests and rivers: natural whirlpools in the most preserved secret waterfalls in Foz do Iguaçu, while accumulating knowledge about history of the region, botany, geology and zoology.Trekking is easy or moderate and the guides are experts in eco-adventure with bilingual communication (English and Spanish). There are 4 trails throughout the day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, with the order of the trails chosen according to the group and the weather.The full day tour runs from 9 am to 5:30 pm, goes through up to 4 trails and may include visit to 10 waterfalls, with lunch included. And the half-day tour, in the morning, from 9 am to 12:30 pm or in the afternoon, from 2 pm to 6 pm, which visits up to 2 trails and 5 waterfalls.
Come and venture and discover the wild beauties in Iguassu Falls.

Havas Brazil

Towards 2021

Message From Our President

Dear Friends,

2020 was a very peculiar and challenging year.  All our lives were touched by great changes. We had to reinvent ourselves and our businesses in order to face the new realities that came with it.  We learned to adapt to the new normal, improving our technological skills, becoming more virtual, developing new concepts of virtual/hybrid meetings, site inspections and famtours. Technology also allowed vaccines to be developed in unprecedented speed. All this brings us hope of a much brighter future in 2021 and ahead. Slowly but surely business starts to pick up and we are already receiving new requests for 2021, 2022 and 2023. With this optimistic view, Havas Creative Tours team wishes you Season´s greetings and a bright, healthy and prosperous 2021!

We thank you for keeping strong and for your business to come.  Let´s build the travel world together again!

See you in person soon again!

Francisco Havas                                             Rachel Havas
President                                                            Director