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Far beyond a hotel, NANNAI is a state of mind, you will be transformed after visiting it. Fernando de Noronha is a sanctuary of marine life, listed as a Natural World Heritage Site by Unesco. The NANNAI NORONHA Solar dos Ventos brings the NANNAI soul to Noronha. Boutique inn, it is like to be in a friend’s beach house, where you will be welcomed by the host himself.

The Nannai is on a 10,000 m2 plot, with only 10 accommodations, a few meters from Baia do Sueste, one of the most protected on the island, with a view of the islands of Chapéu and Cabeluda. The southeastern sea, which is close to NANNAI has crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling with the turtles and the rich marine fauna.

Paraty Experiences


65 Islands and more than a hundred beaches

Schooner in Paraty

Paraty has 65 islands and more than a hundred beaches of a rare beauty, surrounded by lush vegetation that makes it a quiet and unforgettable place, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. From the pier, you will spend your day cruising through the bay of Paraty on schooner NETUNO to some of Paraty’s favorite beaches. On the way, you will stop to explore a few of the many beautiful beaches and islands (two islands and two beaches) along the Paraty coast.

The trip last around 5 hours and there are 4 stops for swimming, and snorkeling. You stay about 40 minutes in every stop! If you just want to admire the amazing view, we also offer transport with a small boat, taking you directly to the sand. You can also buy lunch and drinks onboard from our restaurant and bar service, but they are not included in the price.

The boat is equipped with total comfort and safety approved by the captaincy of the port and its infrastructure will make your tour even more comfortable and unforgettable.

Paraty Experiences


2 Incredible tours

A package with 2 incredible tours for two days for you to enjoy a lot of beaches, the most beautiful waterfall islands of Serra da Bocaina and cachaça stills in a 4×4 Jeep Tour.

Jeep tour 4 × 4 in the Serra da Bocaina National Park, with visit to the waterfalls and stills of Paraty. The itinerary goes through beautiful waterfalls, also visits the Marco do Caminho do Ouro and stills to know the production process of the famous Cachaça de Paraty, with the option of tasting the most varied liqueurs and aged cachaças.


Trindade (Paraty – RJ)

You probably have heard of Trindade, the famous caiçara village that is very close to Paraty, being a practically mandatory itinerary for those who are visiting the region. Small fishing village, with 4 paradisiacal beaches. Trekking through the Atlantic Forest to the natural pool of Caixa D’aço

Paraty Experiences


One of the most beautiful and preserved beaches in Brazil!

One of the most beautiful and preserved beaches in Brazil! Ponta Negra is one of the most beautiful and preserved beaches in Brazil. Located in Paraty-RJ, a charming caiçara village with a population descendant from indigenous people , Africans and Europeans. A magic place surrounded by intense and green mountains diving into the crystal clear sea water and totally preserved waterfalls, perfect for all nature and adventure lovers.

Paraty Experiences


Travel back in time through the historical and cultural wonders that Paraty has!

Feel the atmosphere of the colonial period as you walk through the charming streets of the Historical Center, discovering its beautiful architecture, where every detail and symbol in the buildings carries a meaning and reports of important historical passages in Brazil. Irregular sidewalks, thick decorated walls, colonial houses with iron balconies and the symbols of Masonic culture represent its essence.

We start the experience by walking through the Historical Center to learn a little about the history, churches and mansions of the city. In Praça da Santa Rita, there will be a Capoeira presentation. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian expression developed since colonial times as a form of cultural resistance through dance, music, rhythm, history and tradition.

We continue the historic walk along the sidewalks of the center, following this journey through time. Ciranda’s musical performance will take place at Praça da Matriz in the city. Ciranda of Paraty is a typical musical style from the coast of Rio de Janeiro, more specifically from the city of Paraty. The local Ciranda that enchants residents and visitors reflects the Caiçara cultural origin with expressive features of Brazilian colonization.

At the end of the presentation, we visit the Sobrado of the Brazillian Royal Familiy in Paraty. Dom João de Orleans e Bragança opens the doors of his charming château in Paraty and presents his home and its history. The prince’s house is the only one in the region that faces the sea, as it is from the imperial period, from approximately 1830, when the cycle of the gold trade had already ended.

After the visit of the mansion, we will organize a tasting of cachaças from Paraty, produced by hand in the city, conducted by a sommelier specialized in the drink, in one of the halls of the Brazilian Royal Family House. During the tasting, there will be a catering prepared by the renowned Chef Ana Bueno. The Chef focuses on creative and contemporary cuisine, but always anchored in the strong roots of the local caiçara tradition. After visiting the Royal Family House, we finish the historic walk and return to the Paraty Pier.

Meet the Artist


Meet the artist

The carioca designer Gilson Martins was born in the Port Zone in the Center of Rio de Janeiro and had his childhood punctuated by the most representative images of the Carioca landscape. Graduated in Scenography at the School of Fine Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, he presented the use of non-conventional materials in the creation of bags, proposing a new concept and look at recycling and a new aesthetic for fashion and design.

He was the first designer to use the Brazilian flag in fashion, promoting a moment of self-esteem and pride in Brazilian society. This work was supported by the Federal Government, which recognized in its work the “Brazil brand”, promoting it in the international scenario.

Gilson Martins

The ‘Brazil bags’ were exhibited in several cities that hosted the World Cup, such as Paris, Berlin, New York and Tokyo. The designer also develops a work of sustainability, using leftovers from the manufacture of the bags through upcycling, creating new products and generating income for his former seamstresses, who form small groups of artisans in the communities near his factory. His work had a strong impact during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

The designer created products for the International Olympic Committee, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, for the Japanese Olympic Committee and other multinational companies. His three shops in Ipanema and Copacabana receive customers from all over the world, and are references of Brazilian design with humor and quality. French, Italian, Germans, Japanese and American people are among those who are great lovers of Gilson Martins products and are his main potential shoppers. You can book an amazing workshop with Gilson! Learn how to create a bag with the artist himself, get in touch with us to know more about it.

Virtual Experiences in Rio


A new concept in collective training

A new concept in collective training with origin in Localized Gymnastics, which has movement as its main variable for adjusting intensities, and 4 pillars in all training sessions: Cardio, Core, Mobility and Strength, created by native Renato Lobão, is considered a carioca modality, the secret for the beautiful figures on the Rio de Janeiro beaches. The attendees will receive an original t-shirt to motivate the exercises.

Virtual Experiences in Rio


All the secrets and flavour of cassava.

With Chef Felipe Bronze – All the secrets and flavor of cassava. The chef emerged in the gastronomic scene of Rio de Janeiro with his award-winning restaurant Oro, in Leblon. Currently, the restaurant is the only one in Rio de Janeiro with two Michelin stars, in addition to being 49th in the ranking of the 50 best in Latin America.

The chef is also very famous on TV, where he stands as a presenter and judge on 03 TV shows about gastronomy.

He will teach how to prepare a delicious dish with cassava. Cassava, also named mandioca, or yuca is native to Brazil and is very versatile used in salty and sweet recipes.

Virtual Experiences in Rio


Let’s learn how  to play the drums!

Percussion Workshop:  Let’s learn how  to play the drums! Class with Grande Rio Samba School. We invite your attendees to an unforgettable experience in the backstage of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. We will present the universe of the Samba Schools and all the secrets of this party! Rio de Janeiro has more than 90 samba Schools. Our host will be Grande Rio, the runner up from this year.

The participants will learn a little about playing a percussion instrument typical of the carnival, in a class offered by the “Pimpolhos”, the teenagers of the Samba School. Attendees will receive a tambourine. Alternatively they can use a pan and wood spoon to mark the rhythm.

Brazil is Reopening


Historical and Charming City

Tiradentes – Minas Gerais

Tiradentes is open for tourism again! A historical city, with great art galleries, museums, architecture and restaurants. Because of the very low rate of new COVID-19 cases in Tiradentes, the city was allowed to receive visitors again.

Do you know Tiradentes?

Tiradentes’ baroque style is not as exquisite as Ouro Preto and São João Del Rei, but it is undoubtedly the most charming of the historical cities of Minas Gerais. Exceptionally preserved thanks to the decades of long isolation, the Baroque architectural ensemble of Tiradentes gathers jewels like the charming fountain of the São José Fountain, built in 1749 to supply the city with drinking water and which runs until today.

Also, standing out in the city is the majestic Church of San Antonio, second in amount of gold in Brasil, with its front built by the artist Antonio Francisco Lisboa, better known as Aleijadinho, and an organ brought from Portugal, in 1788. Largo das Forras, the central city square, houses the City Hall and numerous handicraft shops, restaurants and inns. It was here, in 1888, that slaves gathered to celebrate the end of slavery. At dusk, the light of the lanterns on the doors of restaurants, inns, antique shops and craft stores make the city even more charming, which has been the setting for movies, sitcoms and soap operas.